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Hey Motherfuckers, Come to My Play

March 2, 2016

Hello, friends and lovers. We haven’t hung out in a while. Migraines and grad school, am I right? But today I’m writing with an exciting special offer for those of you who anticipate being bored in mid-March and looking to attend an event in Vancouver that will meet–nay, exceed–your unique and complex needs in the areas of classical mythology, mentally unhinged female protagonists, and comedy about things that aren’t funny at all. Probably the clearest way I can describe it is, it will be sort of like reading this blog, but except if other people were performing the lines of it, and it had a plot, and it took place in the Greek underworld.

Here’s a link to the synopsis: This play is a short play, about a 20-minute play I’d say, and it will be enstaged in a group with other short plays during a two-hour time slot. As men like to say, size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it, so presuming that that is true then it’s a good analogy to the script, in that it enthusiastically crams a lot of cunning moves and surprising twists into the slot, to say nothing of the very satisfying climax.


Q: I would like to bring my children to this play.
A: No, you wouldn’t.

Q: I would like to bring my easily offended fiance(e)/friend/grandmother/dominatrix to this play.
A: Also no to this equally terrible idea.

Q: In your last blog post, you wrote some stuff that was maybe the least readable and most bizarrely unengaging dialogue I’ve ever been subjected to. It probably wouldn’t even be performable on stage. Has your technique improved at all?
A: Great question!

Q: This play sounds interesting, but in general I try to avoid things like art and culture and the news and reality and outside and whatnot because __________ is a trigger for me, so I’m just wondering if there will be any ___________ in the play.
A: Yes! I 100% guarantee that whatever you imagined in that blank will take place and/or be mentioned at least once during the performance.

Q: I like good acting the most. Will the actors do good acting?
A: Fo sheezy. I personally have personally attended several rehearsals and can personally attest that all three of the actors really have what it takes to act good. The director directs really good too.

Q: I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!!!! WHERE CAN I GET MY TICKET!!!!!!1!?!?!?!!1!1!!?!!!
A: This place: I hope your medication kicks in before the show!


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