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This Was Totally Worth Leaving My PhD Seven and a Half Years Ago For

January 11, 2015

Below is the back cover of the next issue of Room, in which one of my things will be one of the things in the magazine. I’m just posting this because Erin Moure’s name is in the same place as my name and this may never happen again. Some of you don’t know what my actual name even is but that’s cool. It’s there irregardless.

Great meaty shitfuckballs!

Great meaty shitfuckballs!

I have no doubt at all that my poem is going to be cut from the issue at the last minute after the editor realizes that accepting it was a terrible mistake, but on the off chance that I’m wrong, it will be available for human consumption in March. If fast and loose translations of Sappho are your bag then by all means go to your favourite bookstore and loudly demand a copy. In an astonishing burst of literary professionalism I somehow refrained from requesting that my poem appear on page 69–BUT MAYBE IT WILL ANYWAY! Fingers crossed.

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  1. January 27, 2015 6:35 pm

    Is it a haiku?

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