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The 9 Positively Positive Habits of Positive People

April 14, 2013

Have you ever noticed that some people aren’t cheerful and upbeat all the time? As a happy person, I find these people offensive. They need to lose the attitude! The bottom line is, they just aren’t trying. They could make the simple choice to be happy, as I and so many others have. Instead, they wake up every morning and decide not to realize that the world is a beautiful place. They prefer to obsess over their self-made miseries: for example, the loss of a loved one, unemployment, family problems, or obsessive thoughts.

Are YOU guilty of spreading sadness germs to your friends and coworkers? Follow these 9 easy rules every day to achieve emotional well-being!

1. Forget the past. The past is in the past, and that’s why they call it the past! Whatever might have happened to you at a time earlier than this moment: stop thinking about it! It’s over. Embrace the present by focusing on the here and now. 

2. Always say “yes.” Think about it: what’s more negative than the word “no”? Take it out of your vocabulary and watch your life magically transform! Soon you won’t have time to be sad: you’ll be too busy running errands for friends and relatives, making sandwiches for your spouse, and working on the many new projects your boss has entrusted you with!

3. Keep a Smile Journal. How many times a day do you smile? If you don’t know–find out! Treat yourself to an expensive notebook at your favourite notebook store. Then, every time you smile, make a note of when and why it happened. Before you go to sleep, read through that day’s smiles. I bet you’ll soon have one more to add to your collection! 🙂

4. Drop the downer. You know who I mean: we all have that friend who can’t get her life together. Maybe her apartment burned down, or she broke up with her boyfriend of 12 years. Whatever it is, she’s determined to threaten your happiness by getting YOU involved. Don’t let her! Set a timer when she begins to narrate one of her troubles, and after two minutes, inform her politely that you have to go. After all, this isn’t YOUR problem!

5. Write a book. Although fewer and fewer people read books these days, almost everybody is writing one. Why? Because we’re in the middle of a confidence revolution! Happy people know they’re entitled to immediate success, not to mention constant praise for their creative efforts!

6. Put the cat out. Even before Grumpy Cat became a household name, felines were well known to be aloof and antisocial. If you have one in your home, just imagine how much poisonous negativity you are absorbing every day. Take that miserable cat to an animal shelter and “trade up” to a dog!

7. Get more sun. If you live in a place that has a winter–make it stop! It’s a scientific fact that if everyone spent just 10 minutes a day meditating, they could shut down winter weather using the collective power of their minds. If there is still snow on the ground in your front yard in April or even May, consider packing up and making a permanent move to a tropical country before you turn into a Gloomy Gus (or Gertrude)!

8. Stop worrying. You have no control over almost anything, so why waste time being nervous about it? It’s dumb to get stressed about the bad things that are definitely going to happen at some point: you don’t even know any of the important details! Gain control over your brain by simply not allowing it to contemplate negative future events.

9. Be extroverted. Studies show that North Americans prefer outgoing people, so why not be one? It’s easy: just get out there and talk to people! The more, the better!

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  1. Melissa permalink
    April 14, 2013 4:20 pm

    the first three items, I can get on board with, but after that things get dicey. I don’t think it’s morally right to drop a friend in need. And not everyone is a writer, and a lot of people have no desire to be. And what is this about moving to a tropical climate? Well I;m glad the author of this article has the financial freedom to just pick up and leave the family, friends, job and life they created for themselves. What a joke.

    • Kate permalink*
      April 14, 2013 7:22 pm

      OMG you’re so negative! 😦 I bet you have at least two cats in your apartment, and probably also a roommate who drinks a lot of rum and gin and listens to the Lead Zeppelins while talking your ear off about her problems with x-rated costumes. That must be what’s bringing you down!

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