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It’s time for you to get off your high horse and take your horse to rehab

August 10, 2011

That’s it for today. Just the post title.

Oh, no, an equine anecdote, too. Today while strolling the halls of my school killing time before an appointment I came across a bulletin board with nothing on it except a poster that says:


Beside the words is an action shot of a big burly guy who’s got another burly guy in a headlock and is giving him a “noogie” (sp.?), which is a little confusing because the victim is bald, as is the perpetrator actually, and they look like they’re related, maybe cousins?, so it’s pretty coincidental that they apparently work together. A lot of questions to ponder there, but then also the pun is mesmerizing because it’s so, so, so bad. The whole thing together is an extremely well-crafted piece of art. I stood there for like 30 seconds, debating with myself re: whether I was going to steal this poster. My preferred answer was “Yes,” but ultimately the heist was a logistical impossibility because all I had was a small purse and I couldn’t walk around with the thing in my hand or the caring professional I had the appointment with would have been like, “What have you got there?” and I would have been like, “Uhhhh…a poster I just stole from the bulletin board in front of the Admissions office.”

I still want it though, holy hell. “Say neigh to horseplay.” Classic.

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