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Google Translate Translates Aeneid 1.1-22

March 19, 2011

Yes, this is what I do on a Saturday night. I’m actually surprised that the translator did as well as it did. Caelestibus breasts is its most hilarious misstep (there was something about “so many vulva a falling” at one point but regrettably the machine reconsidered its answer as I typed in more words).

The ending is a little bit disturbing/interesting, current-events-wise. “Caelestibus breasts” is a pick-up phrase I’m going to start using. “Hey there. Wow, those are some seriously caelestibus breasts.” “Take your shirt off, I want to fondle your caelestibus breasts.” Other type lines.

I think I’ll try some Ovid next time, or Catullus. The results should logically be more hilarious with those guys.

I sing of arms and the man, Troy’s who was the first from the shores of Italy, exiled by fate, came to the Lavinian the shores. On both land a lot of bragging and sea by the force of the gods, of the cruel Juno because of the anger, also, many enduring in war, till he should build a city and bring his gods to Latium, kind of this the Latin and the Alban fathers of high walls of Rome.

Muse, to me the causes mentioned, from the power of what painfully laws queen of the gods to undergo so many cases a man of goodness, to approach so many hardships. So many at heart caelestibus breasts? Was an ancient city (of Tyrian settlers), Carthage, over against Italy and far by the doors of the Tiber, is rich in treasures and most ferocious in eagerness the war, than Juno is said to one of the countries in all the great worship, caring for Samos: here were her arms, here was her chariot, and she cherishes this kingdom to be,  should the fates allow it, aim and was at that time and cherished hope. Progeny from Trojan blood, to which he had heard in times past to turn his Tyrian the altars; hence, a people far and wide would come for the king in war, the destruction of Libya: so the Fates were turning.

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