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Most Inappropriate Poem 2010

October 13, 2010

It’s only October but I feel confident that I’ve reached this year’s zenith of classlessness. The following is part of a series of form poems depicting neurological conditions and mental illnesses that are not depression (everyone writes poems about depression, even though it’s by far the boringest thing in the DSM-IV). You are going to love it.

Tourette’s Sonnet

Her gleaming golden braids, twin stems of wheat,
the sun-blue of her motherfucker eyes,
her lips cocksucker, cherry-sucker-sweet:
my prairie cunt beloved ass defies
my balls ballpoint’s balls balls descriptive powers.
Entwined, red-wined, we horsepiss lie content
among rows of son of a bitch sunflowers,
Fuck fuck shit fuck shit pubis coccyx spent.
I weave a slender bracelet of cum grass;
she giggles as I wrap it ’round her wrist,
a homemade anal beads GILF penis ass
sex symbol of our furtive midday tryst.
“That was perfect,” my goddamn bastard whore
slut lover murmurs. “Fuck I’d love some more.”

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