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Everything’s Coming on Kate

July 31, 2010

No: coming up Kate. Coming up. (Preposition Irrecognition Disorder affects 0.01% to writers. Could you be one in them?)

Spent last week at Waskesiu doing things like this:


Getting literary at FishTales Gallery

and this:


N.B. The cute baby belongs to someone else.

Got back, applied for a job the next day thanks to a well-timed text from a certain JPP, had an interview the day after, found out pre-interview that one of my elegant prose works will be published in a forthcoming issue of The Moose and Pussy (god Zeus how I love that “Antony and Cleopatra After Dark” is going to be my first publication, and not some fucky analysis of the Platonic afterlife or epic intertextuality in Zeitschrift für Klassische Whatthefuckever–no offense to ZKW, it’s a fine and respectable journal, I just mean things are working out how I always believed they ought to), got the job, sorted out my move for next week, wrote poems, drank big cans of Strongbow, arranged the pickup of the key to my charming spinsterette suite, sent off a poetry submission that’s about 85% for sure going to be accepted, rocked waaay too much e-mail correspondence…

I may never sleep again.

Really looking forward to being reunited with friends and clothes and books and employment next week.

P.S. Note to self: Get a damn haircut once that first paycheque rolls in. Jesus.

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