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It’s Canada Day, Motherfuckers!

July 1, 2010

Beavers! Mounted police! Maple syrup! Maple cookies! Maple leaves! Maple Leaves! Ottawa senators! Ottawa Senators! Canadiens! Canucks! Smoked salmon! Newfoundland and/or Labrador! Apologizing! Geese! Oceans! Polar bears! (Les ours polaires!) Margaret Atwood! Aurora borealis! Loonies! Toonies! Brian Mulroneys! Louis Riel! Saskatchewan humour! CBC Radio Two! Grain elevators! Peter Mansbridge! Capilano Suspension Bridge! Great lakes! Great Lakes! Bannock! Universal health care! Scott Tournament of Hearts! Land! Bay blankets! Calgary Stampede! Street Cents! Canada Customs! Boxing Day! Gowan’s “Moonlight Desires”! Simon Fraser University! The Arcade Fire! Taber corn! Degrassi Jr. High! Don Cherry! BC cherries! BC Ferries! Labatt Blue! Wheat fields! Skies that don’t quit! Rocky Mountains! The Coquihalla! Sharon Butala! Tim Hortons! The Walrus! Spruce! Moose! Beaches! Monarchy! Bonhommes de neige! Trailer Park Boys! Hutterite turkeys! Justin Bieber! Toques! Hosers! Bunnyhugs! Birchbark canoes! Douche canoes! Dangerous Dan McGrew! Politeness! Musical Ride! Stephen Harper’s hairstyle! Farmland, farmland, farmland! Multiculturalism! Olympics! Poutine! Grey Owl! Provinces! Territories! Hesperonychus! Rider Pride! And more beavers!

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