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A Sonnet? I’m on It!

June 30, 2010

This is a thing I wrote for a contest I’m not going to win. Editing of some sort will occur over homemade strawberry mojitos today (I am to be commended for having made some top-quality friends these past few months). Does posting the poem on my blog make it count as a publication? No. It doesn’t.

I’m kind of stoked about the form. It’s a ring-composition sonnet. The two lines of each separated rhyming couplet have the same number of syllables. Why? Because I’m obnoxious, that’s why.

I love you more every day, English language.

I shun love’s heart-shaped fetters.
That’s the truth. I’m proud to say it.
Words are my mistresses: they sate me.
Lines splay across tight white sheets; so many
couplets gasp for breath beneath my playful hands.
Metres gleefully fed, foot fetish satisfied,
we come to the ending together, wrapped in rhythm.
Lines spring to life, sing, revel in the voice I give them.
“Why choose prepositions over silkily-sighed
propositions?” a spurned, turned-down date demands.
I laugh as I reply: “What has any
human suitor done for me lately?
Zilch. But language: every day it
sends me 26 letters.”

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