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A Joke I Heard Today

June 27, 2010

As you folks out in Internet Land know, I’ve got a funnybone, but I like to keep it clean: swearing, violence, and references to s-e-x are big no-nos! I just don’t think the Lord Jesus in Heaven cares for that sort of thing, and wouldn’t you know it, neither do I! But I overheard a great joke on my way home from church this morning and as soon as I finished my wife’s delicious eggs Benedict (a Sunday tradition around these parts!) I logged right onto the “net” to share it with all my online friends. We can all use a little pick-me-up on a rainy Vancouver day like today! I hope it tickles you as much as it tickled me! The ending will really surprise you!

A man walks into a talent agency and says, “I have an act you’re going to love.”

The talent agent looks a bit skeptical because he deals with a lot of people who are rather overconfident, but he’s a decent fellow and a polite businessman with a genuine love for the arts, so he decides to give the man a chance. “Well all right,” he says, “what kind of act is it? Can you describe it for me?”

The man nods and begins to talk about the act. He first mentions that it’s a family act. Then he explains each element of the show, going into a lot of extremely vivid detail, painting a very clear picture for the talent agent. He really uses a great deal of descriptive imagery and colourful language. The act is fairly involved and lengthy, with a lot of different scenes going on simultaneously, and the man is careful to explain each family member’s role in the proceedings so that the talent agent will be able to envision the entire show in his mind. The man’s eloquence is impressive. Really admirable. He very meticulously captures all the nuances of the performance. It’s obvious that he has described the act many times and probably also has some public speaking experience. By the time the man has finished his speech, the talent agent has a great sense of exactly what the show is all about.

“That sounds wonderful,” the talent agent says. “What do you call yourselves?”

The man says, “The Aristocrats.”

I giggled and giggled. The ending is so unexpected, but it makes sense in hindsight because all along you’ve been hearing that the man is such a good speaker, so the fact that he’s named his act after a class of people associated with extensive education and highfaluting erudition is a perfect punch line!

Have a great Sunday. May God be with you.

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