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March 27, 2010

Men of Athens, I’ve decided to take a bit of a blog vacation, or blogcation. I’m trying to write a novel, I’m trying to stockpile poetry so I can start sending it to journals, I’m trying to gut and rewrite a manuscript by the end of May (impossible!), and I’m trying to get a goddamned job so I can stay in Vancouver at least through the end of December (impossible?). As fond as I am of this blog and as hard as I try to ensure that it more or less lives up to its name, it’s at the bottom of the priority heap right now. I’m going to take a month or two to work on these other, arguably more important things. I’ll still update ODB quite regularly because I enjoy it and I know that my eight readers do too. But, for now, I’m slipping out from under the mostly self-generated pressure to crank out 500-1000 words three or four times a week.

Those who are particularly distressed by my impending absence are encouraged to seek solace and wisdom in Stevie Smith’s To An American Publisher:

You say I must write another book? But I’ve just written this one.
You liked it so much that’s the reason? Read it again then.

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