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Prnts SUCK

January 10, 2010

srsly guys im redy 2 snap

so last nite it’s sat nite n i tell my prnts i have plans 2 go out w/ a bunch of ppl from wrk/schl. this grl meridian is havn a big prty @ hr place wile hr prnts r outta town wich of crs i dont mntion i jst say im goin out w/ ppl. wich its satrdy so whts the problm? but rite away there like in my face. what time u comin back were u goin etc etc. lame. srsly. i totly lied n blew em off but jst more n more ?s kept headn my way. n of course dads telln me i cnt drnk blah blah. as if he can stop me im 15 i cn do w/e i want. these 2 guys from gr 12 lazy d n shrimpsauce stole a buncha 24s n gave me n my frnd typhany 1 each n all we had 2 do is make out w/ thm in the prkn lot fr a 1/2 hr whatevs. lazy d hs a car 2 wich is killr, he givs us rides whenevr we wnt n we dont hav 2 do mch.

so we get 2 the prty n evry1s havn fun like u do. n me n typh r sharin a 24 obvsly. n these fkn HOT guys come up to us n thr like wanna come upstrs. wich obvsly yes we did. n so were up there drinkn n talkn n my phone beeps wich im payn no attn to what with whats happnn w/ my guy n me. n it keeps ringn n hes like you wanna get that n im like no id rthr keep doin this haha. so i ignor the phone n we keep makin out n whatevs. this guy he ws like a swimr or smthn. i had on this tnktop thats ttly hottt its like brite pnk w/ silvr thred n actuly this frnd of mine stol it but thn it didn fit hr so she gv it 2 me. n i look like a fkn suprmdl in it speshly b/c i havnt eatn in wks. so swimr dude is feeln me.

wll neway like 20 mins l8r were kinda gettn there n he asks if i want to n im like thats what i came up here 4 haha. n so were doin it n then theres like this noiz in the hall n i hear 1 of my frnds sayn shes not in thr but then the door opns n in walks my mom like holy fkn sht n shes like frkn out cuz thr i am w/ this guy n whatevs. how did she no were i evn was. prnts i swear i fkn hate em. n my frnd who was w/ the othr guy ws lafn so hrd.

so i tell mom 2 fk off but shes like u comn with me n we had this bg rgumnt shes like get dressd n the guy i was w/ i dont no his name was tryna calm every1 down like its ok nthn hapnd wich yeah rite.

+ i was totly wastd n falln dwn the strs n stff n it was so mbarassin the whl thng i cnt blv she did this 2 me. n she made me go home w/ her n of crs dads there waitn 4 us n i get this big fkn lectur wich its so rtrdd if i wanna do it w/ hot guys then y shldnt i thats what bein a teenagers all about. like it evn mattrs theres pills u cn get if u need 2 crect ne mstakes the nxt day. i ws so drnk i don’t rmmbr much of nething but it sukt hrd.

n i had the worst hngovr the nxt day n there like u gotta come 2 church neway. fkn assholz.

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