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A “Purrfect” Holiday

December 27, 2009

Greetings from Bootsie (and Betsy too!)…but not Frankie…he’s too much of a grouch!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while–it’s been CRAZY around here!! Betsy thinks SHE’S busy–but try being a CAT during the holidays! Phew! If it wasn’t one thing, it was another! I had a tree to climb, leftovers to sneak off the floor (as long as Frankie didn’t get to them first–that glutton!!), relatives to hiss at–my schedule was PACKED!! I did manage to fit in a catnap or two…but not nearly as many as usual. Christmas is fun but I’m glad to be back to normal!! I’ve got sleep to catch up on!

Betsy’s brother and sister-in-law, Bob and Doreen, were here all the way from Ontario! I didn’t like them at first–I NEVER get along with strangers! But after a few hours I settled down and introduced myself to them. It turned out that they were very nice–they even brought me a package of cat treats so I had something to open on Christmas too! Betsy thought that was SO cute! I had a great time playing with all the ribbon and paper from the unwrapped gifts–and everyone thought I was so adorable that they took lots of pictures. Hey–can I help it that I’m so lovable? I’m a CAT after all!! Betsy can’t wait to get the photos developed!

Frankie was jealous of all the attention I was getting–he mostly just sulked by the fireplace. Betsy kept complimenting him for being so quiet and well-behaved, but I could tell he was pouting… Trust a dog to spoil the holiday mood! Honestly, I don’t know what Betsy sees in him!

Everyone helped with the meal and it turned out great. PERFECT mashed potatoes, loads of cranberry sauce, and the turkey was delicious–Bob snuck me some bites of meat “under the table” and boy were they scrupmtious! Way better than my usual Purina, that’s for sure! It was hard to go back! SIGH… Well, only 363 days until Christmas Turkey Day 2010…

Bob and Doreen left yesterday and we were all sad to see them go…their laps were so warm and comfortable!

Betsy got many nice gifts from her lovely friends and relatives and I know she would like me to pass on her thanks. So–THANKS, everyone!! You’re the “CAT’S MEOW”!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM BOOTSIE AND BETSY…and o.k., Frankie too!

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