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It Is The Christmas Time!!!

December 6, 2009

I am thanking to the translator of the internet Babel Fish for able to put post English wise! Hello to every friend of Canada!!!

I cannot await Christmas!!! I am much excited!! We put to the top the tree yesterday! It is of the tallness and there so many of the very beautiful decorations! My little friend Marcus gave of the assistance and it was big work!! But he is such tall that it was of nothing to do. We put an angel at the top and at the braid everywhere the green branches. Marcus put braid in my hair too!! The cat of Marcus was very interested by the tree and after we were decoration of completion the cat was climbed.

After we made bread of biscuits spice. They felt very delicious. I ate five immediately! Marcus not like to make cook but me to find it very recreation. The biscuits of Marcus were in the furnace too a long time and came outside looking at as they were African race. The mine tasted well better thus we ate them straightaway!!

I wanted to make bottoms! We went to a store of trade and bought fabric and the pearls and the flutter. Marcus did not want to make trades because it is the work of the woman. I teased. I him called Ebenezer Scrooge! He accepted to help. He said that he would do it because he is fanatic of me. And it it is proven to be great recreation!! I think that Marcus me much this evening will embrace. We even could make the deals of the monkey!!

The Christmas Day will be a good time. Marcus will be with me. So much there we will make to a large turkey sums abundance of the remainders. I will speak with my mom on the telephone!!! I miss my family. But I like Canada! I hope for that it snows more so that all the city is very white!!

Today Marcus and me will go to the mountains to do the racket. I bought new rackets. They are very modern to glance to. Not like the rackets of tennis employed by our ancestors. I envisage a very good time. It is one day very cold in Alberta. Without twenty degrees of Centigrade! And the wind howls like a wolf. You do not worry, we will carry a good number of hot clothing of winter! Mittens, hats, and certainly long scarves. After we drink of much hot chocolate with the marshmallows!

Well, I will write still soon. I wish with each one a Merry Christmas and a recreation New Year’s Day. I hope that each one obtains a good number of presents. Goodbye!

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  1. cockrocker69 permalink
    December 6, 2009 10:37 am

    With respect to done: well.

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