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Fighting for the Family

November 1, 2009

(By the Lord’s grace I came across this precious gem this morning: It would be remiss of me not to dedicate today’s post to my Christian Brothers & Sisters at Rockwall Conservative Forum. God loves you! Thank you for the inspiration! Hugs & Kisses & Blessings XOXOXO!!  – M.K.R.)

I grew up in a small town & I thank God for that every day. Sure, there were challenges, but God sends us adversities to make us stronger! There is just nothing like a close-knit Christian community. Everyone knows everyone & that means everyone looks out for each other. Lately, I have found myself reflecting on the values & teachings that I learned during my childhood. I am just so blessed to have been surrounded by so many caring, concerned Christians. It is thanks to them that I am the humble & devouted woman I am today.

Scripture says that a family consists of a man, a woman, & there children. But lately, there have been many threats to the traditional family in the form of divorce, abortion, feminism, & so-called “homosexual gay lifestyles.” Just do a search for any of these keywords on the internet & you will find hundreds of blogs & groups in support of them. Sadly it is evident that the traditional family is beset on all sides by enemies of God. I think it is our job as Christians to stand up & fight against all of these enimies of the family.

That’s where my past comes in. It’s difficult to admit to myself (& to everyone on the internet!!!) that I was not always on the right path. I guess a lot of kids go through a “rebellious” stage in life & I am very grateful to my parents & church family for loving me through it & helping me to see the demons & temptresses in my life for what they truly were. I just wanted to share my story so that other young women might read it & be inspired to make changes in their own life. I think women should be excited about serving God & their families according to Biblicle principals! We have a very important role in life & we should thank God for it!

Before I truly accepted Jesus as my Lord & Saviour, I was a very disturbed person. I did go to church, of course, but I didn’t take it seriously. Sometimes I even wondered whether everything in the Bible was true. It is a difficult time to think about because I was so unhappy & confused about my place in life. It all came to a head in my senior year of high school when I was 17. For one thing, I was in denial about a woman’s responsibility to get married & start a family. Even though I had been attending church my whole life & knew that a woman’s place is in the home, I thought I wanted to go to university. I had dreams of a career in journalism or creative writing – or maybe even both. All of my plans were selfish & were centered on my own personal satisfaction rather than reflecting what God wanted. Also, I had some sinful feelings toward one of my female classmates that I acted upon in a shameful manner. Until then I had dealt with feelings like that simply by staying away from dating. That wasn’t too hard as I was such a negative & depressed person than none of the boys at school had much interest in me anyway. I was quite outspoken & got good grades & to make matters worse, I didn’t take very good care of my physical appearance (which now I am much more concerned about as it pleases my husband to see me looking my best!). But there was one time when I was alone with this particular female classmate after school to work on an assignment. Without getting into the perverse details, there was a bit of physical contact that I did not attempt to discourage. It only happened once, but when it comes to that kind of ungodly sinfulness, once is one time too many. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t do anything to stop it or to suggest that she & I enter into what is known in the church as a “disinterested friendship.”

Looking back, I realize that she was a succubus. But at the time the emotions felt very real. That just goes to show how crafty demons are. We must always be on our guard against them. Christianity is not all sunshine & bluebirds – Satan is part of the story too & I think sometimes we are in denial about that because it isn’t nice to think about.

Fortunately, it was only a short time later that the parents of a concerned classmate who went to my church suggested to my parents that I sit in on a meeting of the Christian Fellowship Club. Of course I resisted the idea at first, but eventually I gave way to my father’s authority and attended the CFC Celebration of Spring meeting. As I listened to my peers’ discussion of renewal & rebirth it felt like all of a sudden a light bulb went off in my head that said “This would be a good time for YOU to be reborn!” Just a few minutes later the leader of the meeting asked if any of the new members would like to share the story of what brought them to the Fellowship Club & I felt safe enough to volunteer to speak & I gave a very G-rated, “toned-down” version of the above.

The CFC leader was certainly shocked but she was able to give some very helpful & well-spoken advice. First of all she explained to the group that God created women to get married (to men!!!!!) and have children. That is our purpose. I had heard this before but it had never really hit me that serving a husband & raising children was my true calling. I had been too busy worrying about my academic performance & what I thought would be my future as a careerwoman. Also, she added that she wasn’t trying to scare me but it has been well-documented in many very old & therefore venerable works of psychology & sociology that society’s increasing acceptance of so-called “same-sex homosexuality” is causing a dramatic rise in sex crimes. In other words it was only by the grace of the Lord that I hadn’t been raped. God knew I deserved it! That meeting was a very powerful turning point for me. I even cried a little as the CFC leader assured me that Jesus would forgive me for my sins & as soon as I accepted that he was my saviour & I was born to serve God & man, I would become a peaceful & loving Christian.

& she was right! Only a few months later I met my husband at a youth group meeting. Six months later – shortly after graduation – we were married! I am truly grateful that I was able to become the wife of my high school sweetheart. Very soon after that first CFC meeting I parted ways with the idea of going to university, & good thing I did, because I was pregnant only a few weeks after the wedding! God certainly does not waste time where his loyal servants are concerned!

A few months later a girl who had been a very good friend of mine & had decided to go to university in a larger city came home for the Christmas holidays. I had been very excited to see her but I found that she was greatly changed. She was taking a course in philosophy & it included a series of lectures on feminism. She was led astray by these lectures & this friend of mine who had been one of God’s meekest servants was now turning her back on the church & planning not only to continue on with her bachelor’s degree but to get a PhD and become a female professor. I asked her when she planned to get married & she looked at me like she didn’t even know me anymore. Sadly, that was the last time she & I talked. My husband, who knew everything about my past sins & weaknesses, thought it would be better for me to stay away from her and concentrate on my wifely responsibilities.

Sunday, & the first day of a new month, seems to me to be a perfect time to offer a message of hope to any young ladies who might be headed down the demonic path I almost took. You CAN change – & Jesus will forgive you for any past sins as long as you accept him as your saviour & live according to Scripture. That means knowing your role in the world, starting a family, & raising your children to appreciate Biblicle family values. In these days of “anything goes” liberal politics Christianity is being threatened by emissaries of Satan & there has never been greater need of your presence in God’s army. (I am a peaceful & loving Christian…MOST of the time! ;))

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  1. cockrocker69 permalink
    November 1, 2009 3:56 pm

    I was told, quite literally, that my decision to get a BA was the devil leading me astray. Now, a PhD? Maybe….well, probably; but a BA? Come on!

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