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relationship issues…arrg… (tmi alert)

October 4, 2009

i really wonder why i even bother sometimes… maybe i should just give up on guys entirely and hook up with one of my girlfriends. some of them are pretty hot πŸ˜‰ (thats for you tiffani and alexia. you were rockin it OUT on friday!)

this was supposed to be a great wknd because bf was coming down from edmonton (where he is doing an apprenticeship for the next three months) and well, let’s just say it has been way too long if you know what i mean. (ie. we have not had sex in four weeks…) so first of all i had plans friday night that i made way before bf told me he was coming down. i didn’t want to cancel them because i hadn’t’ seen these friends in forever. britnie was busy with work and jaidyn had this whole bf crisis of her own that she was just surfacing from and tiff and ali had midterms and long story short it was a shitty week and we just wanted to bust it out. and when i told bf this he got really upset except he was trying to pretend he didn’t care which i hate. like if your upset just say it. he has no balls sometimes. and he was just trying to make all these hints about how he really wanted to see me wink wink. which basically i love my bf but sometimes the ladies just have to have a night to themselves. and i mean bf and i were going to have the whole rest of the weekend to…uh…well i think you know what i’m getting at πŸ™‚

so…cut to 11:00 when we FINALLY get to the club because first of all my hair straightener was being a little bitch and plus there was all this drama with jaid beforehand, her dress ripped while we were getting ready and she kinda flipped out… anyway after we calmed her down she put on one of brit’s old outfits and looked totally amazing as usual. i don’t know why it’s my destiny to always be surounded by friends who are so much hotter than me. but its my own fault because i keep saying i’m going to try that cleanse kyleigh was talking about at work last month and do i? no, i totally go back to tim’s for donuts every morning…bad quynn…and then i wonder why i can’t rock a size 2 like some people (ie. i hate you ali…j/k u know ur hot and i ❀ you!)

well we get to the club and like the moment we step out of the cab i get a text and its bf who is pissed off b/c i didn’t phone him earlier like i said i would. as if i somehow arranged for things to be so crazy while we were getting ready just to upset him. i texted back an apollogy but he didn’t respond which don’t even get me started on his maturity level. and at this point my friends are all telling me to just leave it and come dance with them. but of course being the confrontational person i am i want to deal with the situation so i tell my friends to go on ahead i’ll find them later. and i call bf whose like pretending he doesn’t understand why i’m calling and nothing’s wrong. and so i start bitching him out because why did he text me to tell me he was mad if he wasn’t mad. i hate mindgames, i thought grade 6 was over… anyway we started fighting and it got louder and louder to a point were we were yelling at eachother which is super embarrasing when your in a club and people are everywhere.

finally tiff and brit came and found me and pretty much pried the phone out of my hand and that ended that conversation and of course following that outburst i was ready for a stiff drink… and i had several. jaid was making out with this dude who works at another bar downtown and i kinda started hitting it off with his wingman who was average looking but i was drunk and it was one of those nights. and okay, we kissed for like a MINUTE and it wasn’t even that good. he was a bad kisser. i wasn’t that into it because i love my bf and i was only even with this guy b/c i was so drunk and mad.

so cut to the next morning where somehow i wake up on a strange couch and it turns out it’s the wingman’s place. and i have the worst hangover ever and as i’m *ahem* introducing yesterday’s cocktails to his toilet he walks in and is like “how are you feeling”? which i think it’s pretty obvious how i’m feeling considering i’m puking in a total stranger’s apartment who’s name i don’t even know. and somehow i manage to ask him if we slept together and he tells me i passed out before anything much happened. and i’m like do you swear to god and he’s like yeah why would i lie?

anyway i have this HORRIBLE headache but I have to get back to my place because of course bf has been there since the night before and has no idea where i am. and my phone is overflowing with texts that he sent while i was at the club. none of which i have replied to. so you can just see where this is going. as usual my life is a total mess and i’m caught in a drama circus. awesome 😦  on the way home i tried to call ali but she wasn’t answering…which i hope means she met someone very special…and was unavailable to take my call due to being ravished by a well-hung business man hehe πŸ™‚

bf totally LOST it when i told him i stayed overnight with this wingman guy. even though i kept saying nothing happened. i mean what else could i say? oh yeah i’m such a horrible person b/c i like to party sometime’s. if he’d just not texted me in the first place none of that stuff would have happened. which i tried to explain to him but he was barley letting me speak. i mean it’s like he doesn’t trust me at all. guys just don’t make any sense. we’ve been together five months and i would never cheat on him. i do NOT count kissing some total STRANGER while DRUNK as cheating on him. i wasn’t even thinking straight and i didn’t even enjoy it. and i got my punishment the next morning times infinity, beleive me.

let’s just say i’m never drinking again. (yeah right i’m going out thursday with ali and brit again) πŸ˜‰ but don’t tell bf because he said we were done if i went out anymore this week. i know he’s just bluffing. he was all over me (and under me hehe) this morning so i think all is forgiven.


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